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Equipping the Church

Koinonia House® National Ministries (KHNM) seeks to implement our mission by creating relationships with churches, organizations and individuals seeking to fulfill the Lord's call in ministering to Christians coming out of prison through our Meet Me at the Gate® (MMATG) church program. Through this plan, we equip churches to esecute a selection process, which effectively allows a local congregation to embrace at least one released inmate, our "Christian neighbor."

Furthermore, we provide use of our registered name, logo, local mission statement, years of experience and most importantly, the Meet Me at the Gate® model of a family-home-based ministry of biblical discipleship. Through this program, we train church-supported groups to match with at least four Christian neighbors in the context of a residential house.

With both Meet Me at the Gate® church and home-based models of ministry, we prepare local churches and church-supported groups so they can assist Christian neighbors to make a successful transition from prison back into society by helping meet not just their basic and immediate needs, but the ongoing spiritual needs of our Christian neighbors through biblical discipleship and mentoring.

We prepare, equip and consult with interested churches and ministries through four phases of preparation to do post-prison ministry (PPM). Phase I creates awareness for the need of PPM and the Church's involvement. Phase II educates churches and ministries on how to do PPM practically.

Phase III grants further training, specific to the particular needs of a church or ministry as they begin a model of PPM. Finally, Phase IV provides ongoing consultation as needed for those ministries actively involved in either Meet Me at the Gate® church or the home-based residential model.

In addition to our ministry to the Church outside the prison walls, KHNM continues its ministry inside jails and prisons for the purpose of evangelism and discipleship.

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